Monday, August 16, 2010


Hey World,

I forgot to tell you(!!!) I found salsa in tel aviv. And its good yayayay. It's actually imported from the good ol USA. When I was visiting my friend in Tel Aviv she told me she was able to find good salsa so I made her take me to get some. I got two jars and then lugged them around for 2 days because I had to get them the first afternoon I was there. Oh well. No regrets except that I didn't get more. I've already finished one jar. haha.

What else...I had another weird run in with a guy trying to pick me up. I really think the planets are aligned strangely or something, cause this is getting really odd. Anyways I woke up from a nap and this number I didn't know had called me a few times. I pick up and we have a convo in hebrew. He says he is the guy from the pool and we met by the workout room. I was super confused cause I did not remember giving my number out/ I haven't been to a pool for the past month.

So I guess someone gave him a wrong number, but to his credit he was not upset. He just tried to pick me up. I think I kept talking to him because I was excited to be practicing my Hebrew. Then he asked how old I was, etc. AWK. Anyways I told him I had to go and he is going to try and friend me on fb, but I don't think he will be able to find me. Also he lives in beer sheva, and there is nothing there except a university. He told me to come visit...hell no. haha

I think I'm in the twilight zone. Ohh Israel.


ps during my nap I had a dream that I was in the US for one day, and I decided the most important thing was to go get a burrito. Then I couldn't decide between blockheads and chipotle. OY


  1. oh thank goodness about the salsa! I was so worried you'd have to keep eating that ketchup-y stuff we had....yuck!

  2. ughhh that stuff was gross. I still talk about it and the horrors

  3. Get used to Israeli guys.
    I think I'd been here 3 years before I talked to a guy who didn't end the conversation by asking for my phone number (even some of the married ones!)