Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another blog post?! Must be procrastinating...

Hey World,

The answer to the title of this blog is yes. To be fair I did spend a while studying today and I feel pretty good about the FINAL TEST OF ULPAN (dramatic). I really want to just school this test like it's no one's business, so I'm gonna have to study some more in order to do that. If there is a chance for me to be able to take a class with the Israeli rabbinical students, I want to be able to prove that my Hebrew is good by doing well in Ulpan. I also just like to get A's (yes I'm a nerd, get over it).

I got lots of new school supplies today. I LOVE school supply shopping, yes I may have gotten a little carried away, but I dunno I just love buying new notebooks and pens, etc. I also got a cute calendar thingy, so hopefully that will help keep me somewhat organized...we'll see.

Last night I got to see some friends from college which was super nice. It was great to see them after a few months! (shout out to Adam, Jessie and Adir) It was really refreshing to see people from outside of HUC/ more importantly people that have known me for longer than 2 months. I'm going to make a LOST comparison. So it's kind of like when they are doing all that crazy time travelling and in order to not go crazy/hemorrhage out of their noses' they need a "constant," a person who is there in all of the different times/realities or whatever. I was in desperate need of a constant, and now I have some (and more people from college will be coming to Israel, yay).

Did that make any sense? It made a lot in my head...hmm. But yeah it's just nice to see people who you are more familiar with. The same happened for me in college, especially Freshman year I wanted to go home more and see friends from high school. I dunno, maybe that's just me. But hey give me some credit for relating it to lost and not to Judaism (I'm branching out haha).

Oh I overheard something funny today while I was studying in a coffee shop (is that what they are called, for some reason that sounds really strange to me). Anyways I was sitting studying for this Hebrew test and a British couple came and sat at the table next to me. They get their order and the guy had ordered an iced tea. The iced tea was one of the fruity flavored ones so it had a pretty pinkish color (think "passion" iced tea at starbucks). The guy gets angry, goes up to the counter and starts yelling, "this is NOT tea, I don't know what this is but this is NOT tea." The woman behind the counter tells him that it is tea, but he doesn't believe her. At this point I want to chime in that it is in fact tea and to stop being so rude, but I decide that would do more harm than good so I don't. Anyways he is still arguing "this is not tea, I don't want this" and then my favorite part "I am from England, I know tea." hahaha a-hole. The woman behind the counter made him a new iced tea with english tea. He still complained. It was kinda silly.

Ok back to work, or something like that.

Happy Tuesday,


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