Monday, August 2, 2010

an assortment

Hey World,

Soo I want to share with you something I learned today:

So I was cooking today. I actually made some lentil soup. I felt very biblical (woot I stole your birthright). If you don't get the reference see genesis 25:34. Anyways I like things spicy so I added some hot pepper. Then my face started to hurt a little so I went in a splashed water on it. Then ouch!!!! About half of my face was burning. Thank you oils from the hot pepper that I neglected to wash off my hands before touching my face. owwww. Then it took me a while to figure out why half of my face was burning...I really learned my lesson.

Anyways I also learned something else. If this happens to you (which hopefully it wont) you can put yogurt on your face and it makes it hurt a lot less. If you leave it on for like 15 mins it stops the burning. So yeah I had a lovely strawberry yogurt facial. Also I think the yogurt has to have fat in it, so don't use the fat free kind cause I don't think it will help.

Me with my yogurt facial, photo courtesy of Ashley my roommate:

Now for some shameless self promotion: (I seem to be really into colons today) I am featured in the list college newletter. yeyaaaaaaa. Here is a link if you are interested,
I'm on page 6 haha.

What else...It is still crazy hot. A little bit better than yesterday, but still ridiculous.

Also I was thinking about this today, but the saying "the world is your oyster" what does that mean?! I know what the expressions means, but why oyster?! When I used to not keep kosher I tried oyster and they were OK, but nothing really to write home about. I dunno, does it mean that you are a pearl? Whatever I don't like it...

I'm scattered because I'm hot.

I hope everyone is staying cool :-) Don't get any hot pepper burns...


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