Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lighthouses rule!

Hey World,

First off five points if you know what the title is referencing. I was recently introduced to this and I think it's hilarious.

So lets see what I have been up to...

Shabbat was nice as usual. On Saturday mornings, since we don't have HUC services anymore, we can go wherever we like. This week I went with a friend to this egal minyan called Kedem. I enjoyed it and will probably be going back. It had traditional liturgy, but women could lead anything and there was some good singing. So yeah all requirements fulfilled! The only problem is that it is kinda far away. Ya can't win em all can you. To be honest I'm not as familiar with traditional Saturday morning services because I never got up for them in college, so it's definitely something I want to increase my knowledge of. Woot.

What else what else...I'm reading a new book (which I read a lot of during shabbat). I never finished my last one, but I just really did not enjoy it which was weird because this guy is one of my favorite authors, but I dunno this book was just not good (Wally Lamb, The Hour I First Believed). So I gave up and am now reading "Basket Case" by Carl Hiaasen. I'm about halfway through, and it's pretty good so far. I like his writing style and the narrator/main character has an interesting sense of humor and some great quirks. Good stuff.

For the end of Shabbat, I with a bunch of my classmates, went over to the Rabbi Na'ama Kelman's house. She is the dean of the HUC Jerusalem campus and a bamf. She is the first woman rabbi in Israel, and has really done a lot for the reform/progressive movement in Israel. About 10-15 of us were there and one thing she had us do was go around and tell our stories of how/why we were here. This question is a very difficult one to answer in a short period of time (I'm pretty sure this is true of most people's reasons), but for me there are so many different aspects of why and how. Still it was really interesting to hear other people's stories. There are some overlaps, but also a lot of differences. It's cool. I should really post my admissions essay I wrote about this, there I think I did a good job of explaining it, but of course it took me about 8 pages (and that was after I hard core edited it).

What the building I live in is SUPER ugly. I think I mentioned that before, but yeah it's really ugly from the outside. I found out today that like 30 or 40 years ago this building won an architecture award for being on the cutting edge or something. People used to come to see the building. hahaha ewww. But I do love the inside, my apt is pretty sweet and we have air conditioning which has been great since it is still really really friggin hot here.

Today is the first day of the last week of Ulpan. Wooo. I have enjoyed Ulpan, but I'm ready for class. I'm antsy. Anyways today we went on a class field trip to the top of the ymca (pronounced yimka here) tower and looked out at Jerusalem. Definitely worth checking out and it is only 10 sheks. Be careful if you decide to take the stairs down because it is like 4 floors worth of spirals stairs or something. I though I was gonna fall and break my body. But the view was awesome.

What else what else I dunno I'm just super tired. We had this speaker today who said some interesting things, but I'm too worn out to write about it right now and give it the response it deserves. I think I'm gonna take a nap. I went to bed late last night (I'm dumb I know), I was just feeling homesick. I think it is because I have too much time to think these days, so hopefully when classes start that won't be the case :-P

Before I go, I just want to say that I have been following Jersey Shore, ohhh man. I haven't found anyone to talk about it with. HUCers if you are reading this and you watch Jersey Shore please let me know. Yes I know its crappy tv, but you know what I am still human and I am still entertained, although Ronnie and Sammi need to give it a friggin rest. SERIOUSLY people.

Happy Sunday, which is still not a weekend day, if only....


ps if you are still curious I will just put up the link because yeah it's funny, it starts slow but gets better. Apparently it's been around since 2006, but I've never seen it before. I'm just not that cool...

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