Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm leavin'

Hey world,

So today's entry will be short because I have a lot to do before I leave tomorrow. Yes I am leaving to go to Sinai tomorrow morning. Please don't tell me it's dangerous, I've heard it already, and I'm still going. Anyways I'm super pumped to go relax on the beach, and hopefully climb mt. Sinai (yeah and maybe even get the torah ahaha I'm so funny).

I'm happy to be on vacation and also to get out of Israel for a little. I'm coming up on the 3 month mark being here, which is CRAZAY. I'm a little sad that I'm leaving during sukkot because I would love to eat in some restaurants outside in their sukkot, but oh well I do need a break.

So yeah look for an update from me sometime next week when I get back :-)

Hope you are enjoying your sukkot...also I went to this sukkot party yesterday and we were thinking of sukkot pickup likes and I came up with one that I think is pretty funny:
If you were a sukkah I would want to be the schach so I can be on top of you...heh heh.

And I'm out


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