Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2 months

Hey World!

So today, September 1st, marks my 2 month anniversary of arriving in Israel. Yup I have been here since July 1st, and I have not been in the USA since June 29th. I made it!!! Crazy...

So I wanted to write this blog because I forgot to write about kitah hey (my hebrew class') awesome end of the year skit thing. Every class did one and we decided to translate the "Single Ladies" song by Beyonce into Hebrew and sing it. It was definitely a hit. One of my classmates figured out the chords to the song and he played along on acoustic guitar, I must say it was a nic
e reinvention of the song. We even did a modified version of the dance. Here is a picture:

But yeah I really enjoyed my class this summer, and most people are staying the same, but I will def miss the people moving down a level (come backkkkk). So shout out to everyone in hey and especially the "pinah feministit" (the feminist corner). It's a good time. We will see how our new Hebrew teacher holds up tomorrow.

So today was the first day of class but not really. On Wednesdays we have "Israel Seminar" which is a day every week to learn about Israel and go on trips etc etc. So we had that today, I'm really glad we have a class like this. I think it is important to experience Israel and learn about all the subtleties and issues surrounding us, because it would be easy to ignore them.

So yeah tomorrow class for real. Woot

Also it's almost rosh hashana whaaaaaaaa?!


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