Monday, September 6, 2010

3 day hag ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Hello World,

I'm all over this blog lately haha, but I had some thoughts/anxieties that I want to share/maybe writing about them will help me get it out of my system. Who knows...

So as you know Rosh Hashana is coming up, and yeah I am slowly going crazy. Why?

1. These are my last high holidays for (probably) a very very very very long time that I will NOT be leading. I'm pretty positive that next year in L.A everyone has a high holiday pulpit. It's a weird thought for me. So I feel all this pressure to really enjoy the holidays this year and experience things that I won't be able to leading services next year (waddup section about sacrifice on Yom Kippur). I dunno it's just a little reminder that I'm growing up. Maybe that sounds weird, but it's a scary prospect and I can't do anything about it...unless anyone knows where never never land is. No I mean I do want to grow up and get on with my life and I'm excited about the work I will be doing in the future, but it doesn't make it less scary. (Ok enough, I feel like that was very teen angst right there haha)

2. Rosh hashana is 2 days long and then right when it ends shabbat starts, thus making it a 3 day hag. So as I've discussed a little here I am trying to keep shabbat, and also yom tov (yom tov literally means good day, and it is the days of a holiday where there are additional restrictions like on shabbat, but you can cook, or more technically transfer flame, on a yom tov which you can't on shabbat). So basically that means 3 days without my cellphone and without internet, which means I have to have everything planned out wayyy in advance. Like I have to have my thurs, friday and saturday plans worked out basically by Tuesday. It's also been stressful making sure I have meals and stuff like that. It's just a lot. MARATHON holiday... So yeah we will see if I survive. haha. Anyone have any tips???

I also just bought out the shufersal (the supermarket by me), I'm so worried about running out of food, and all the stores are closed for 3 days.

Yeah that's it. I've been obsessively planning ahead, which (as some of you know) is not at all like me. I'm actually using my planner which is a new thing for me.

I'm hoping that all the planning I'm doing will help me have a good holiday. I will keep you all posted (after the 3 days).

Ok homework time


ps today I got a free Jastrow talmud dictionary. As my friend said "It gives a whole new meaning to Jastrow Jackpot" hahahaha I love dorky talmud humor.

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