Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hey World,

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. In a few minutes, when my potatoes are done cooking, I am heading out to a thanksgiving with my HUC classmates. It's soooo weird here, no one knows its thanksgiving, the stores are all still open, I had SCHOOL. Thanksgiving is something America definitely does right.

Anyways I have lots to write about, and no time, so stay tuned for my next entry, but for now...

Things I am thankful for: Family (not that I really had a choice in the matter, but I think I did pretty well haha), Friends: both the friends who I have known FOREVER and have put up with my shit for years and also friends I met in hs, college, here in Israel, etc etc. I am thankful for my skyping/facebooking/gchatting with above mentioned people (really you have no idea how nice it is to hear from people from home).

I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given and my ability to be here in Rabbinical school. I am thankful for my connection to Judaism and the positive impact it has on my life. I am thankful for Israel, it's a great place and I do love it, even though I don't want to live here forever. I am thankful for my health (but seriously I really am). I am thankful for spin class/the awesome fitness instructors at the ymca who are getting me into shape.

I am thankful for the shuk here in Jerusalem, I am thankful for all my shoes (shout out to the ones I left behind in america), I am thankful for my education and def missing college and my sorority, but happy I was able to participate and get a lot out of everything before I graduated. I am thankful for my hair (I just like it), I am thankful for diet coke, and I am thankful for lots of things that I am forgetting. But I have to go.

much love and TURKAYYYY


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