Tuesday, November 9, 2010

just a little rant

Hey World,

SO I just have to get this out...

I've gotten into going to different classes at the gym. So in certain exercise classes you have to sign up for a space on the floor. So I am pretty into my spot, it's #13, and not because it's the number 13 I actually don't really like that number (I'm more partial to 8). I like it because it is in the perfect location, it is forward but not in the front and it is all the way on the side so I can do my own thing and people don't have to watch me not be super coordinated.

So anyways I show up to class today and sign up for my spot. woot. The spots are very clearly marked on the floor. So I go stand in my spot, and the girl who signed up for spot 14 goes to her spot and everything is lovely. Then this BITCH A$$ girl comes in late and stands directly IN BETWEEN us. THERE IS NO SPOT THERE ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. To make things worse this girl is really uncoordinated so we keep almost running into each other, and same with her and the girl in spot 14. There really is not enough room to have her there, and I don't know why she was there, I have seen her in class before and I assumed that she knows what the deal is.

Anyways I refused to be pushed out of my beloved 13 spot, but dammit this girl was all up in my space and really distracting because she also managed to block my view of the instructor every so often. I know I should have said something, but JEEZ people, lets have some COURTESY here. Can't you tell we are bumping into each other?? What gives you the right to come here and disrupt my workout and just make me angry. grrrrr.

That's it, the end. I feel better, kinda. Also another class I just got into (I've been twice) is spinning. Great workout, although the second time I ended up in a class all in hebrew. So yeah I know the word for resistance but when he was yelling over the music it was hard to hear if he was saying raise the resistance or lower it, oh well haha, I still got sweaty so it was all good.

The end


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