Monday, November 22, 2010

it still feels like

Hello World,

Still not much exciting going on here...Well I guess the big picture is exciting, the whole living in Israel for the year and starting Rabbinical school, etc, is exciting...BUT when you get down to the day by day living it's not so exciting, especially after 5 months.

I've been going to class. Not too much to say about that. I have one teacher who I would like to follow around all the time and just absorb all the knowledge that he has, but unfortunately I have class and I think that it would be kind of creepy of me to do that. The Israeli talmud class is going ok, I still haven't spoken in it. I just sound so dumb in Hebrew...

What else, what else...Oh some guy tried to pick me up in the grocery store yesterday. Oh Israeli guys...No but seriously, I was in the grocery store and I was also disgusting because I had just gotten out of spin class (I am a gatoraide commercial-worthy sweater in that class, and usually I am not a sweaty person). So I'm minding my own business and this guy comes up to me and asks where I am from and I make the mistake of talking to him. After a few minutes of dumb conversation he asks me to coffee. I say no. Then he asks for my phone number, I say no. He asks again, no again...What? Do you think if you ask me repeatedly I will all the sudden change my mind? Then he asks me if I don't want to give him my phone number because I have a boyfriend. This happens a lot, its as if they think that the ONLY possible reason I would turn them down is because I am already taken. NOT because I think they are annoying or unattractive, etc etc. Jeez you people...

Over the weekend I got to see another friend I hadn't seen since high school. It's def been fun reconnecting with people. It also makes me realize how little I have changed. I mean I think I have changed a lot in terms of my maturity level etc etc, but personality-wise nothing surprising has happened over the past few years.

Next Sunday is my first day of teaching, I am teaching a Talmud class for some American and British teens who just graduated high school. I'm excited and a little nervous, but I think it will be fun. I will keep you posted.

I can't believe I am missing thanksgiving, and black friday. We are doing a thanksgiving thing at HUC which will be fun, but I think everyone is going to be depressed cause we are all away from our families and the awesome friday bargains haha. But seriously I love black friday shopping, I go to the outlets that open at midnight and stay out until about 3am. It's the best, and those are totally my peak hours...wahhh

Also to add to the things I miss about America: sunchips (esp the garden salsa flavor) if you are in America please eat some for me. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Also if you haven't heard yet girl talk has a new album out, and you should get it, it's pretty sweet.

This blog entry is going downhill fast, so i'm gonna end it. I need to get re-inspired...suggestions welcome :-)


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