Thursday, November 4, 2010

Clapping and a list...

Dear World,

Hello! This is going to be a very different post from the last one, just trying to balance it all out :-) Also last night I slept 14 hours. I went to take a nap at 630pm and didn't get up until like 830 the next morning (yes I was late to school, but are you surprised?)

On clapping:

So I went to this Israeli rabbinical school ordination thing last friday and I noticed something SUPER weird...So when Israelis clap they clap like we do at first, so they start a bit slow and speed up/more people join in. So when this happens in America and people are clapping they all clap like that and on different beats, everyone is clapping as an individual. Right? So what happens in Israel is that after a little bit of this individual clapping everyone finds a beat and they all clap at the same time. It was SOOO strange because that could never happen in America, but apparently (I asked someone) this is a totally normal and good thing in Israel. It's weird because I never really thought about clapping before and that it could actually be different....

Now for a list, this was therapeutic, I AM happy here, I just miss some things about America:

Things I miss about America (in no particular order)

1. Friends and Family (duh)
2. FOOD- more specifically mexican food and morning star farms, and good cereal that isn't like 10 dollars, and tostitos chips +salsa, diet dr pepper
3. Restaurants/bars- the heights, blockheads, limeleaf, saga, SUBS CONSCIOUS, dunkin donuts (and their iced coffee), cheaper booze in general, margaritas(!!!)
4. Stores- the clothing stores that I am familiar with/that have my jeans, also DSW shoes, victoria's secret, CVS (ceeves), forever 21, discount stuff like lohmann's and nordstrom rack, etc. also the grocery stores.
5. Some of the clothes and shoes I left behind...ahhh
6. Certain elements of the weather: def missing the fall foliage
7. American Sundays (but you already know that)
8. good customer service...seriously and not having to push to get served
9. not having to turn on the hot water heater
10. having a shower with a bathtub, or at least some lip thing so that water doesn't go out
11. having allergies only a few days a year instead of months at a time

Things I don't miss about America
1. Christmas carols/christmas ads/ all that annoying stuff. It drives me nuts, I don't care about christmas itself I just don't want to have to be forced to listen to the music on all the stations I listen to and hear stupid commercials about putting stuff under a tree/in a stocking...
2. having to miss school/disrupt life for Jewish holidays, here they just happen and everything is pretty much closed anyway
3. uhhh...There are things that I love about Israel and I could make a list of those things, but there isn't a whole lot else that I don't miss. There are things I don't like about America but those are impossible to escape/have made their way over to Israel, ahhh.

Ok that's it.


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