Friday, October 15, 2010


I was thinking about adding this to the last blog entry I wrote like 3 hours ago, but eh I'm just gonna make a new post...

So I just came back from the shuk as is part of my friday routine. I just have to say, the shuk is definitely definitely one of my favorite parts of Jerusalem, if not my favorite. I am really learning my way around it, and I know where to go for certain things. I have a melon guy and ohhh man those melons are good (yes that's what she said).

Something happened today that was kinda funny. SO I was walking along in the crowded shuk and I knock into somebody, but no big deal that's just what people do and I don't think twice about it. It was funny because the person I bumped into (and I'm pretty sure it was my fault because I think he was standing still) said ahh slicha, which means excuse me. It's funny because I used to always do that when I bumped into someone or someone bumped into me. I guess I'm getting more Israeli haha, yay for bumping into people.

Also it's soooo hot here. It is ridiculous. It feels like summer still, and while this isn't unusual for Israel it is super unusual for me. It's OCTOBER for goodness sakes, this just isn't right!

Ok the end for real now.

shabbat shalom


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