Tuesday, October 19, 2010

and I'm off

Hey World,

The past few days have been strange. I dunno. Right now I feel very much like I am kind of just at the will of the universe. I can definitely control many things about my life, but sometimes I just feel like things happen that are out of my control. Does that make any sense? (also I can't tell if this paragraph sounds really negative, but it was definitely not written to sound like that, my week has been pretty good so far). It's kind of like the whole "man plans and God laughs" idea. I guess life is just keeping itself interesting for me...

Anyways I just wanted to write a short blog entry because I am about to head off to the north. My program has a 3 day trip up north to learn about a bunch of stuff, I'm not sure exactly. I will let you know when I get back. Hopefully it will be fun, I'm just bummed that I have to miss my Talmud class for it (lame). I've also really been appreciating Jerusalem recently so I don't feel the need to leave, but I will probably enjoy it anyway.

What else...I have been speaking a lot of Hebrew recently. It's great but dang is it hard. There are a few people here I speak to exclusively in Hebrew and I wonder what my personality is like in the language. I am pretty sure that I come off more shy/timid in Hebrew because I don't have enough confidence in my speaking ability/ it is harder for me to come up with things to say. At the same time it is really cool to realize how much I actually know and can understand. I notice that I feel much more calm/comfortable speaking in Hebrew than I did when I first got here. I just need to keep pushing myself...

Anyways I have to wake up super duper early tomorrow so bed time, wooo.

Happy monday!


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