Sunday, October 24, 2010

American Sunday?

Hey World,

So today we had a day off of school to let us recover from the trip up north. It was pretty sweet to have an American Sunday so I made sure I used my time well and went to the mall. The malcha mall in Jerusalem is pretty big, I think it's the biggest mall in Israel, or one of the biggest, I dunno. I got an AMAZING pair of shoes, I am obsessed.

So just now there was a little excitement on my street. As usual there was a traffic jam outside my window, but the cars were honking worse than usual, so I went outside to take a look. There was a total gridlock outside and no one was moving so my roommate and I went outside to check out what was going on. Outside on King george st a section of the street had been blocked off by police cars, we also heard a few loud noises, I think gun shots? No cars or people were allowed to go on the section of king george in front of the great synagogue.

After a few minutes of standing outside the street slowly opened up again and they just kept the sidewalk closed on the side of the great synagogue. When we walked by the great synagogue to get a closer look and try and figure out what happened we saw a robot thing, I think it is one of those bomb disabling robots. My guess is that there was a suspicious object in front of the great synagogue so they had to block everything off to take care of it and make sure it wasn't anything that would be able to harm people. Welcome to Israel?

To be honest throughout the whole ordeal I felt very safe. The precautions that were taken to make sure that no one got hurt were very reassuring to me. Even though I don't think the suspicious object was actually anything that could hurt someone it was good to see how they handled it. Considering how many bomb threats/suspicious objects that happen around America or in airports it didn't really get to me so much. It was just crazy to be so close to all the action.

What else (l'havdil)...I had a nice, relaxing shabbat. On friday night I went to services at Yakar which I really enjoyed. It was my first time davening there and it was great, my biggest complaint was that it was super hot. At yakar they have upstairs and downstairs davening. Upstairs (I think) is where the young people go, so we went up there. It is kind of in the style of shira hadasha with lots of singing, but I don't think women can lead kabbalat shabbat at yakar like they can at shira hadasha, but I'm not positive. Definitely had good spirit, I can dig. I'm sure I will be going back there again, it's just pretty far.

I had some lovely shabbat meals, so thanks to everyone who hosted/were there and being awesome.

Yeah that's about it. I guess I should go do some homework now.


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