Saturday, October 30, 2010

saturday night, woo

Hey World,

So I know I owe you a blog post, but I'm not feeling super inspired. Not that much happened that I feel the need to report on...

My Talmud class on Tuesday was great, one of these days I will get on top of my sh*t and write about what I'm learning, but for now I will leave you in suspense :-)

I had a nice shabbat. I had to go to services at HUC and I found that I really missed davening at the places I usually go. I hosted a shabbat dinner which was fun, and it typically Becca/Jew style I made wayyyyyyyyy too much food, so then I had a left-overs lunch also.

This shabbat dinner marked my triumphant return to cooking after the fire. I hadn't used the stove since that fateful day where I almost burned down the apartment. It was a little scary at certain points, like when one of the burners flared up a little when I lit it, but overall it was ok. I feel good about it.

This week I saw two people I hadn't seen in YEARS, one from an adult ed Hebrew class I took in HS who I ran into at yad vashem and another friend from NFTY. Israel and especially Jerusalem are great for getting back in touch with people you haven't seen in a while or just running into them.

It's weird that halloween is coming up because there is NO evidence of it here. There are no store displays with pumpkins or aisles of halloween candy or halloween costumes being sold. I can't say I'm upset about it because 1. we get 2 days of Purim in March which are gonna be way better than halloween and 2. I went to a costume party on THursday so I still got to wear my dumb costume.

Routine has set in. My four month "anniversary" is on November 1st. I have been in classes for a while now, and have been with my classmates for longer. We were told that this time of year is the hardest time for the students, but no one really believed that until we got here. It is hard. Also we don't have any breaks at all during the month of November. Oy. I definitely feel like this year is a rollercoaster, or maybe just a sine-curve (yay math) so I'm up and I'm down, along with everyone else. I still am happy that I'm here, I just feel worn down. But that was this week, so since a new week just started maybe everything will be different.

Well I'm getting back to work, blahhhh.

Shavua tov!


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  1. Sine-curve? Wow. Haha maybe you are part of the family. But hellz yeah for Purim!!