Wednesday, July 28, 2010

truckin' along

Hey World,

So I know there hasn't been a blog post from me in a few days, but it's because there isn't really anything exciting to tell you about. I have been here for almost a month, which is nuts! I haven't been in Israel for longer than a month before, so I am getting into new territory. I'm excited to see what month number 2 will bring.

So I am definitely getting into the swing of classes and things, so my life is more routine and slightly less exciting. Each week I have ulpan on Sundays through wednesdays. I have to be at school every day at 8:30 (ughh too early). Class goes until either 1pm or 2pm depending on if we have morning services or not. The entire time in ulpan we just learn Hebrew, it's a lot, but I'm really learning more Hebrew which is great.

Today I had my first Hebrew test. I think I did ok, I guess we will see soon enough. One big section on the test was conjugating verbs, which was drilled into my head at JTS. At JTS we had to learn all the correct vowels to put underneath and all the random dots in the letters that don't really do much of anything. So now since I learned that way I try to always conjugate verbs like that, and I actually impressed my teacher and she said if I do that on the test I will get a bonus. So thanks JTS Hebrew :-)

I am really enjoying my ulpan class. Both the class itself and the people in it. We have a fun group and we are able to joke around in Hebrew which is nice. We also find excuses to sing (in Hebrew) almost every class which is pretty great.

On Tuesdays we also have Torah chanting lessons. These are kind of fun in a weird way. It's exciting to be learning how to chant Torah to the point where I will be able to easily read Torah when I need to and I can then be called up to read the Torah more often. It's also fun figuring out which trope mark does what, because some trope marks sound the same when they are with a different set of other trope marks, it's a puzzle. I dunno, I'm super dorky whatever, you can laugh if you want.

Then Thursdays are random days where we have some program or something. Tomorrow Rabbi Marmur is speaking with us and then we are doing something else. Hopefully it will be fun/interesting, and if not, at least I get to sleep in (until 10 woo).

So yeah that's a look at what my week looks like. I will be in these summer classes til the end of August.

Oh also last night I got to see some Israeli friends who I met when I worked at camp last summer. Whenever I hang out with Israelis it makes me a little sad because I don't understand a lot of what they are saying. Israelis use WAYYY too much slang, please people, for my sake use a little less? Maybe? haha. I also learned that the word in Hebrew for studying really hard/cramming translates into English as plowing. So someone who studies super hard is a plower. I think it's pretty funny, anyone down to try and bring that to America?!

Ok I'm exhausted and out of things to say. So goodnight or good afternoon...


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