Sunday, July 18, 2010

quick thought

Hey World,

So today was a busy day and I'm super tired so I just want to leave you with a quick thought. I won't bore you with info about my ulpan class (which was great btw).

There is this time right before sunset when the sun is starting to set and the light it casts is more of a golden, yellow/orange color. This time is absolutely beautiful in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is made entirely of this whitish jerusalem stone, so at this hour when the sun hits it the stone shines this golden color and it is breath-taking. I went on the walking tour thing of the old city led by Rabbi David Wilfond and while he mentioned a lot of interesting things the best part of the tour was the fantastic viewpoints he took us to. Come visit and I will show you. Also I'm a fail and keep forgetting my camera so I don't have pictures, but the pictures probably wouldn't capture it anyway.

One other thing, I have recently been finding the contrast between HUC and JTS hilarious. I laugh to myself a lot when something very "HUC" happens. Definitely way more touchy feely here, which is not a bad thing, I just like to think how some of my JTS classmates would react. I think it would be pretty funny. More on this later. Bed time.

much love and shout out to my awesome subscribers and long time readers :-)


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