Monday, July 5, 2010

happy 4th!

This was actually my 2nd fourth of July in Israel, silly. We had a bbq which was fun, but no fireworks...

I realized I didn't include a music vid in my past two blogs and I was kicking myself because I have this great one I want to share.
Welcome to my latest obsession:
and an honorable mention by the same artist:
she's great...

Ok now I'm gonna go do things so I can write exciting blog posts :-)


  1. Yo how/where did you rent a car when you went to LA? Im thinking of making a trip but dont wanna spend the big $$$s

  2. Hey lovely lady,

    I just sat down and read your entire blog. I miss you so much, but at least now I feel more connected to you because I've caught up on what's going on in your amazing life. Please get internet in your apartment soon so we on skype...please. Get on that shit.

    I hope you keep having fun and please make sure to enjoy yourself!

    your "old" roommate (Ashley)

  3. J, I don't remember where I rented the car, I think I went on a site like orbitz or whatever and found the cheapest place.

    Ashley, I MISS YOU. Thanks for reading I blog and I know I'm going crazy without the internet, its soooo annoying, but soon soon.