Thursday, February 24, 2011

what a beautiful day!!!

Hey World,

Today is absolutely beautiful here in Jerusalem. If I thought it was gorgeous out yesterday, today is even better. I am having one of those "life is such a gift" days (or IFLML). It's just been great.

First off I finally got my wallet back. I lost it/left it on the bus when we were coming back from our trip down south. I got really lucky because someone found it and called someone at HUC and got in touch with me. Nothing was missing, and the guy was super nice. So thank you Israeli guy who returned my wallet to me. You are the best. I hope you get lots of points for your good deed (either here or in Olam haba, the world to come, depending on what you believe)!!

What else, well today I went to the shuk. It is such a pleasure to walk around the shuk and all the more so when it is so beautiful out. I still love the shuk. so much. Right now persimmons are in season and they are my new favorite fruit. If you have not had a persimmon, I order you (as a future rabbi haha) to try one. But seriously the are AMAZING.

At the shuk there was this really awesome band playing which I stopped to listen to for a bit. They were so good! It was a sax, a drum guy, two guys on some kind of mandolin type thing that sounded really beautiful, and one other instrument that I forget. Great music!!! It was also cool to stand in the crowd and see the people dancing. These moments are what I think of when I ask myself why I love Israel.

I dunno what else. Life is good. I'm going to go back outside now.



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