Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I wanted to title this something else but I had already used the title...awk

Hey World,

So I wanted to title the blog "great success" a la Borat, but I'd already done that. Creativity fail.

Anyways this is gonna be super short but I just wanted to share that today I SPOKE IN MY TALMUD CLASS, woot. For those of you who are just joining or who don't remember (how dare you?!! jk) I take a Talmud class on Tuesdays with the Israeli rabbinic program. It's been really great to be in the class, but it is hard because as much Hebrew as I know I don't know enough to fully participate in the class. I did learn a lot though, we studied a bunch of interesting material. ahh Talmud (ok I put one of those less than 3 hearts here but then I got an error that my html could not be accepted, wtf I am NOT trying to be a programmer here you people, come on, that's only my mom and dad and brother...I don't know sh*t I just wanted a heart shape) .

Anyways one of my goals for the semester was to speak in class, and I got close to doing it a few times. I would say I half accomplished my goal because while I spoke (in Hebrew) it was because everyone was require to give a 5 minute presentation summarizing what we learned or a major idea and giving some interpretation. But yeah I did it! I was super nervous, but I sucked it up and spoke in Hebrew. I think people understood me because they all told me good job. haha. But yeah it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, my classmates were super nice about it and I guess my Hebrew isn't horrible. haha

Yeah still working on this %&^#$@% paper. I also went to the gym today, yep I still go. Tuesdays are one of my fave gym days because it's boot camp. It's really hard but I love it.

Ok back to work.

Count down to America: 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh


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