Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hey World,

I apologize for the long gap between blog entries, but as you know I was on vacation and at home! So yeah I didn't spend much time on the computer and was too busy rushing around trying to see as many people as I could before heading back to Israel.

I am pretty disoriented right now, after only getting back a few hours ago. It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I was just in America and with people I haven't seen in six months and now I am back. Weird weird weird.

But yeah it was really great to be back home for a little and see everyone. I feel a little bit more sane after seeing my friends who I have known for longer than 6 months. I am really lucky that I have such great friends at home both from Belmont and from College etc, and it was so nice to be able to hang with them. I do love Israel, and I am having some great experiences here, but I do get very frustrated being here sometimes, so it was nice to get away for a little.

Anyways a few highlights...It snowed. I don't know if that's a highlight, it was actually super annoying. I forgot how friggin cold boston can get. Oy vey! We got like 1.5ft of snow or something crazy so I was cooped up for a day and I had to shovel (grr I hate shoveling).

What else, oh I went to NYC for 2 days which was awesome. A lot of my friends are there now so it was crazy trying to see everyone. I saw almost everyone that I wanted to while in NYC, I just wish I had more time to spend individually with each person.

In NYC I went to Snooki's book signing with a friend. Yeah it was pretty awesome. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I did get star struck and sounded like an idiot when I met her, but hey what can you do? It was a fun experience, and I don't feel the need to take myself so seriously that I can't go to things like that.

I ate a LOT of food. ughhh. I had 4 burritos over the course of the week, oyyy. Yeah I went on the food tour.

It was so interesting coming home and hearing about what everyone is doing. It's only been six months, but these are big months for us because they are the months after graduating college where everyone figures out what they are doing and gets jobs or goes to school or whatever. It's strange to hear my friends talking about their jobs. I mean yeah I worked in college and so did lots of other people, but this is different. Full time jobs, ahhhh

Part of me expected that when I went back everything would be exactly the same. I pictured myself in Israel and everything else just happening like it had before I left. I think this is partially why I was having a hard time in Israel, but really I think most people I talked to are having similar issues adjusting to life after college. Even if I wanted to go back, I can't. This sounds grim, but I don't mean it in that way. I just figured out that it's not just this program or Israel or whatever that is making this year hard it is also that I am adjusting to life after college just like everyone else, and that it's not easy. There is nothing for certain, college is the obvious choice for many people, but then after that you have to choose where you want to go and what kind of jobs or schooling or whatever you want to do to accomplish your goals/figure out your goals. I guess I still sound a little angsty, it's probably because I'm tired ha.

Some things that were silly in America: So one of the first days back I walked into a chipotle and there was a (what I would now consider) long line. Probably like 7 people. I groaned to myself that I was going to be waiting for 20 minutes, because that is what would happen in Israel. Instead the line went crazy fast, it blew my mind. It took about 5 minutes to get through the whole thing. I forgot how slow service is in Israel, I guess I finally got used to that.

It was also weird having everyone speaking English. Yes I do speak a lot of English in Israel, but I feel more ok about doing so in America. Also I was just making small talk with random people because I could, because I didn't have to worry about understanding the hebrew/expressing myself in Hebrew. Good times.

Also shopping. I did a lot of that. It's cheaper over there.

To sum up, it was great to go home for a little, but I did find myself ready to come back to Israel. I am not excited about the new semester just yet (I would love another week of no school), but this is where my life is right now. If I wasn't here I wouldn't have anything going for me. So yeah. I also do like Jerusalem and all of my stuff is here haha.

Ok I'm going to try and go to bed now. Hopefully it will be a success (boo jet lag)


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