Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Justin Bieber= modern day Samson...they are both powerless without their hair. But seriously where would J.B be without his haircut?!

I leave tomorrow ahh!! I'm pumped. I had my farewell thing last night with my Belmont friends (shout out) in Harvard square. We accidentally walked into a karaoke night which was AMAZING, I know we used to do it all the time because one of my friends had a karaoke machine back in the day, but I forgot how fun it can be. Hilarious.

Yesterday I also went into brookline (baruch-line) because I had a gift certificate to a Judaica store there. So you are looking at the proud new owner of a huge tallis, tallis gadol: http://www.synagoguechm.com/images/store/prima_aa.jpg. I own a smaller one but the big ones are so much cooler, or at least I think they are. They kind of make you look like a Jewish superhero (which I obviously am). Now I just have to figure out how to put it on without looking ridiculous/having it touch the ground because it is so large...

Also shout out to Jared from Charles Schwab, I had to get some stuff for my account squared away before I go to Israel and he was perfect. I've never dealt with someone so kickass...

I guess this is my last post from outside of Israel (hutz la'aretz). Crazy. So tomorrow I will leave from Boston and fly to Paris and then Budapest and then Tel Aviv. I will then take a bus to J'lem and hopefully somehow get to my apartment in one piece (and also with my guitar in one piece, I'm kind of nervous about travelling with it).

Exciting posts to come...stay tuned :-)


  1. My friend Asher and I were once wearing large tallisim (isn't it so weird that it's a feminine word in Hebrew, but a masculine word in Yiddish?) in a congregation full of people wearing normal tallisim and he turned to me and said "You know what? Everyone else hear is wearing a tallis. But you and I...we're wearing mitzvah capes!"

    Have an amazing time in Israel!! I'll miss you!

  2. so excited for you. you are amazing!! love you xoxo