Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hey World,

So a little shout out to my parents who today had their adult b'nei mitzvah. Both my mom, dad and step mom completed their class and had their b'nei mitzvah because for various reasons they hadn't had a bar or bat mitzvah when they were 13. Yasher Koach!

In preparation for my year in Israel I have been asking various rabbis and rabbinical students for advice. Almost everyone I have asked has told me not to worry about grades and classes and just go have fun/experience Israel. I have probably heard this from 5 or so different people, so it must be true haha. I like that I am being told to have fun, I think that is something I'm pretty good at so I'm excited. At the same time I do love Jewish learning and am kindof a nerd in certain contexts, so I just have to make sure I balance everything out. I guess this is just a written reminder for me to HAVE FUN, don't let the school work bog you down. Yes ma'am

And AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can't believe I am leaving so soon. I leave in two days. Everyone is asking me if I'm excited: F*CK yeah I am! Or as my friend says "do one legged ducks swim in circles?!" haha. My luggage is still a few pounds overweight, so I have to take a few more things out grrrr, but other than that I'm feeling pretty ready.

Also I was looking at where my apt is on google maps and there were some pics of the area and I realized I know exactly where my apt is. There is a food store thing under it or right next door or something and I remember shopping in that store the last time I was in Israel. I actually stayed like 5 mins away from there last time. The apt is also pretty much across the street from the fuchsburg center...ahh conservative Judaism is following me (or am I following it...hmmm...maybe I will study some Talmud there, great location!)

I leave you with a song, one of my new song obsessions and also kind of appropriate because it talks about home and I'm about to leave...

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