Monday, December 6, 2010

only in Israel...

Hey World,

So today since I didn't have school again (yayayay) I went with a friend to the biblical zoo. I recommend it, it was pretty fun, more about that later...

So anyways I'm on the bus to meet up with my friend. I'm sitting towards the front and the bus is pretty empty. Then the bus driver points to me through the mirror and asks (in Hebrew) "Do you speak English?" I say "yes." He tells me to come to the front of the bus and he gives me his phone and tells me (still in Hebrew) to talk to this woman and figure out where he should meet her.

I'm pretty confused as to what is going on, i understood what he had told me to do, but I didn't get what was happening. I thought she was trying to find the bus station or something, but I guess she was trying to meet up with him. I really hope they found each other! I think I did an ok job translating, it was really weird though. I was talking to a random woman for the bus driver who I guess couldn't speak english well enough to tell her where to go.

The other weird thing about this is, what are they going to do once they meet up? How will they talk if they don't speak each other's language? Oooh Israel...

So after I got off the bus and finally (after some delay) got to the biblical zoo, it was pretty rad. It had been raining and was still overcast, but we decided to go to the zoo anyway. It was a great decision because not only was it less crowded BUT the tickets were 50% off...SCORE. I recommend that you go if you are in Jerusalem. It was cool to see all the animals, and it was made even better by these cute Israeli children yelling in Hebrew about how cute the animals were/getting excited by all the exhibits.

Favorite animals at the zoo? The penguins were adorable (although I don't know how they made it into the BIBLICAL zoo, but whatevs), there were two beautiful/majestic leopards, these HUGE parrot things, cute/crazy/loud monkeys...yeah it was pretty sweet.

And because I have started taking some pictures again, here are a few faves from the day:

Yep I caught the leopard yawning and it was awesome, and now I am yawning...bed time. School tomorrow. I miss staying up late and having late classes, my biological clock is not designed for this...

Happy night 6!


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