Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Post!

Hey World,

So I figured I should start a blog soon to document my adventures in Israel over the next year as I start rabbinical school. Of course, I won't be a rabbi by the end of the year (the program is 5 years long), but I figure if I like blogging enough I can keep this up even after I leave the holy land.

This blog will be to update my friends and try and keep some contact while I am far away. This is also for me, I am hoping to have some interesting thoughts as I begin this journey and would like to document them here.

So last night I bought my ticket to Israel. I will be leaving Boston June 29th and arriving in Israel July 1st. I don't know when I'm coming back...I only bought a one way ticket, but don't worry I won't marry some Israeli and stay there forever (shout out to my mom). I'm still looking for apartments, but I will be living in Jerusalem (hopefully) with my newly found roommate. The apartment search is on!! Wooo

Ok I'm gonna stop procrastinating now seeing that I still have to pass my college classes if I actually want to go to HUC.


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